After watching The Talk on CBS with Carly Fleischmann, she's nonverbal with Autism and she's an inspiration and a Blessing to us all. Some of these children maybe Autistic and nonverbal but, they do have something to talk about.
Jeff Sell, Autism society Vice President of Public Policy and Generald Counsel, is a featured blogger on for National Autism Awareness Month. Entitled, Together we can improve lives, Jeff's blog outlines the impacts of the budget cuts on services and support for the Autism community.
New study shows that a new case of Autism is diagnosed every 15 seconds World wide.
Study shows that 500,000 Autistic Children will reach Adulthood in the next ten years! Will there be jobs for them?
April is designated as National Autism Awareness Month.Everyone should come together and share their story on a Blog or Autism Awareness organization website. Meet other families and just talk to someone about your experiences with someone you love with Autism.
Go see the Movie Wretcher and Jabberers this weekend. The Movie is about two men with Autism on a global quest to change attitudes about disabilities, intelligence and communication.
Today is world Autism Awareness day! This month is Autism Awareness Month and help us to commemorate world Autism Awareness Month. Show your support today by Lighting it up Blue. I purchased Blue light Bulbs from Home Depot, to Light it up Blue in my home for my daughter Alanis and all the children around the world. Happy World Autism Awareness Day!

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